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Algo paging devices can be integrated into a NocTel account to work with the paging feature on Polycom and other handsets. Follow the steps in this guide to add a new Algo device and add it to a paging zone.

Adding an Algo Device:

  1. Log in to the NocTel Control Panel.
  2. Click “Extensions” on the left-hand menu.

  3. Click the “Add a New Extension” link at the top of the Extensions page.

  4. From the list of devices locate the “Algo Paging Device” and click “Add Device

  5. On the Algo Device Provisioning page read through the steps and ensure that the device you are adding is on the approved list.
  6. In step 3 enter the device’s MAC Address, give the device an extension number, and name the device.
  7. Follow the steps on the next page to provision the Algo device.

  8. Click Submit.

    Adding the Device to a Paging Group:

  9. Click Continue on the new page, to be taken to the Extension’s page
  10. If you have not already set up paging groups within the account visit the Paging article.
  11. Locate the Group Paging section on the extension’s page and click > to expand the section.

  12. In the drop-down list select the pre-made paging group that the device should be included in. Click outside the Group Paging Area to save.

  13. Configure the “Hotline” to be the destination for when someone pushes the call button on the Algo device.  This can be any extension or external phone number as it would be dialed from a normal handset.  If it is an external number, use the exit code assigned to your account.

  14. Reboot the Algo device.  It will beep when it is online and fully configured.

Printable Version - Algo Paging Devices.pdf