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How to charge the battery

The headset battery will charge when connected to a PC using a USB cable, or when using any USB charger supplied with your mobile device.

The headset can still be used for calls while charging using a USB cable connected to a PC.

It takes approx. 3 hours to charge the battery.

Sleep mode

When the headset is powered on, but not being used, it will automatically enter sleep mode after 15 minutes to conserve battery. To manually exit sleep mode, press any button on the headset.

After 24 hours of sleep mode, the headset will power down completely. To power the headset back on, slide the On/off/connect switch from On to Off, and then back to On.

Sleep mode is enabled by default, and can be disabled using Jabra Direct.

How to care for your headset

  • Always store the headset with the power off and safely protected.
  • Avoid storage at extreme temperatures (above 55°C/131°F or below -10°C/14°F). This can shorten battery life and may adversely affect the headset.