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In the above example, the Inbound Behavior of this extension is set up as a menu. Step # 1 plays the menu audio, while the options below the “Allow caller to input a menu option during the above steps” allows for different actions to be assigned to the buttons. Button 1 is set to the Directory of Names action with the “Name Directory” class being selected. Always remember to click Submit the bottom of the inbound behavior page to save any changes that were made.


Names with Unique Characters:

The Directory of Names uses a speech to text application that runs the deciphered text as a search to find a matching extension name in the classes it has been directed to search. Special characters in names like dashes or apostrophes can cause the search not to be resolved and the directory call to end.

For names with unique characters, that character must be replaced with a space in the extension name, if the extension is to be used in a directory.

Example: John O'Neil = John O Neil
Example: Sarah-Jane Smith = Sarah Jane Smith

What Callers Experience when Reaching the Directory:

NocTel's Directory of Names feature uses Google's speech recognition to identify the words that are being spoken and does not require a user to enter names into the telephone's keypad.


If a match is found, the system will ring the extension if no match is found the system will prompt the user to try again.


Printable PDF - Directory of Names.pdf

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