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Time is running out winding down if you have not already started the process of phasing out SoundPoint models of Polycom VoIP phones from active use. Polycom will be ending official support for these models on December 31, 2019. NocTel has also adopted this timeline and will not support the Soundpoint SoundPoint series phones after the end of life date. When products are at their end of life they no longer receive firmware updates that address issues and security vulnerabilities. Manufacture of these devices has already ended, which makes procuring replacements of the same models increasingly difficult and likely more expensive due to scarcity while having the disadvantage of being increasingly out of date as time progresses.

Because the SoundPoint models will no longer receive updates from the manufacturer , they pose a security risk. Given this, and NocTel will has decided to purge all remaining SoundPoint models from the system on December 31, 2019.  At that time they will stop functioning and can no longer be used with NocTel’s services. To continue your NocTel service without any interruptions, you will need to replace any Polycom SoundPoint models in your account with new devices by or before December 31, 2019. 

We encourage all of our customers to consider replacing the SoundPoint IP series phones with the Polycom VVX Business Media Phone series. The VVX Series offers a wide variety of improved functionality, security and better user experience. You can check out some of the product specs on NocTel's website. Please contact us at if you are interested in making a switch to the VVX series or have any questions. Recently Polycom has released a VVX x50 series of handsets that are a step up in quality from the VVX x10 series, such as the VVX310 and 410. NocTel recommends considering the x50 VVX series handsets as they are more cost effective in the same model range and are expected to have a long support life cycle.

List of affected models:
SoundPoint IP 300/301
SoundPoint IP 320/321
SoundPoint IP 330/331
SoundPoint IP 335
SoundPoint IP 430
SoundPoint IP 450
SoundPoint IP 500/501
SoundPoint IP 550
SoundPoint IP 560
SoundPoint IP 600/601
SoundPoint IP 650
SoundPoint IP 670