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  1. With the phone on the hook dial *72 followed by the 10-digit number you want to forward the call to. (EX: *721235550000)
  2. Press the Dial soft key to start the dial process.
  3. The phone will produce an ascending 2-tone and end the call. Calls are now forwarded to the new number. 


titleAscending 3-tone error

If you receive a 3-tone error that slides up it is likely that you already have forwarding for that number enabled/disabled or insufficient privileges for that extension. At that point, you would need to make adjustments in the NocTel web interface.


To Deactivate Service: 

  1. Dial *73
  2. Press the Dial soft Key.
  3. The phone will produce a descending 2-tone and end the call, you should now receive calls back to the original phone.


  • International dialing must be enabled for the account. 
    • To check if international is enable on the account go to: control panel >> Account Preferences >> General Setup >> Phone System Tab. Look for the International Long Distance check box in the Advanced Dialing Configuration section. Contact support if the box is not checked. 
  • International calls are subject to a surcharge. Rates can be found in the control panel under Reports & Billing >> Rates.
  • If a hunt group is used to send calls to a virtual extension with the forward number, the hunt group option "Force all members to ring regardless of availability" must be checked. 


Printable Version - Call Forwarding .pdf

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