How to build a bell schedule in the ALGO 8301 interface to work with NocTel's paging groups.

Build a Schedule:

  1. Log in to the Algo web interface via its IP address and credential.
  2. Click the Scheduler tab.

  3. Click the Schedules tab.

  4. Click the Plus (+) button to create a new schedule.

  5. Give the new schedule a name, in the schedule Name field.
  6. Give the new schedule a color by pressing the color swash next to the schedule name and selecting a color.
  7. Build the new schedule in the Current Schedule sections. Press the Plus (+) button to add a new line to the list.

  8. For each item/bell enter the following info:
  9. Click Save in the upper right once you have filled out the schedule.

 Once saved a schedule can be applied to calendar dates in the Calendar tab.

Apply Schedule to Calendar Dates:

  1. Click the Calendar tab. (if you have navigated away from the Scheduler tab, you will need to go back to the Scheduler tab first before the Calendar tab will be visible). 

  2. Select the schedule you want from the drop-down list next to schedule at the top left. 

    Click on a calendar date to add the schedule to that date. The schedule will be displayed in the selected schedule's color along with its name. You can also use the All Weekdays or ALL buttons to add the selected schedule to the current calendar month shown. 
  3. Use the  < arrow or > arrow buttons to switch between different months. 
  4. Click the Save button at the top right to save the bell schedule.

Clearing a Schedule from a Calendar Date:

If an incorrect schedule has been added to a calendar date, it can be removed by selecting "None (clear)" from the schedule drop-down list and then clicking the calendar date.

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