Hosted VoIP Service

VoIP has proven effective, affordable, and more viable than ever as an alternative to POTS and other legacy phone systems. At its core, NocTel provides best in class VoIP service with an ever growing feature set ensuring organizations can continue operations in a familiar manner and find new, effective ways to leverage their phone system to do more.

All the Service with None of the Support Overhead

One of the greatest benefits of adopting a hosted VoIP solution is the freedom of not needing to host your own hardware for an in-house system or its associated time and financial costs. The only infrastructure necessary are reliable internet connectivity, compatible handsets, and network configuration. With a hosted solution it’s the service provider’s responsibility to ensure uptime and operation, not the organization’s in an environment where time and personnel availability may be difficult to balance.

For smaller organizations, hosted services are often cost effective when the capital investment for hardware, networking, and space are non-factors in the feasibility of options. Many vendors across all manner of business needs leverage this advantage allowing organizations who may not normally have the capital to acquire services to do so at a fraction of implementing in-house.

Features, Flexibility, and High Fidelity

NocTel offers a wide variety of features to enhance your organization’s voice system much more than you thought possible. Due to the provisioning logic of handsets deployed with NocTel, compatible VoIP handsets can be deployed anywhere a reliable internet connection is available. If no internet connectivity is available on location, no worries! Phone numbers within a NocTel account can be forwarded to any other phone number in the interim ensuring individuals within the organization have a reliable means of contact without confusing others as to which phone number should be used and when.

Organizations who subscribe to NocTel VoIP service using Polycom handsets will also enjoy modern features that improve clarity and voice quality such as HD Voice and Acoustic Fence. HD Voice significantly improves voice quality end-to-end to the point conference calls sound as though remote participants are in the same room. Polycom’s Acoustic Fence technology on select handsets reduces ambient background noise greatly improving voice quality to the other end of the call. This makes Acoustic Fence ideal for workspaces that are naturally noisy due to environmental factors such as fans or open areas with natural echo and human factors like having individual work spaces in close proximity with little space or noise reducing fixtures in place.

Better Service at Lower Cost

When we promote NocTel as a better service, we mean service as all encompassing. With NocTel, we ensure your voice service experience is reliable and high quality while also ensuring support service leaves no inquiry unaddressed.

For customers who transitioned from POTS or PRI based phone systems, cost savings on services are consistently in excess of 50 percent their costs previously. Even customers with existing VoIP service through a competing provider have consistently saved on costs month to month with NocTel.

With NocTel’s support service level agreement, issues of all varieties are handled by NocTel support engineers who never miss a beat giving your organization’s technical staff more available time to address other projects.

Your Environment, Your Solution

Every organization’s environment will vary causing offerings that claim straightforward installation to fall flat. NocTel recognizes every organization and environment is unique making every solution we provide a personally tailored one. From start to finish NocTel engineers will assist and work with your organization in regard to the environment today as well as be a helping force to move the environment toward where it’s desired to be.

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