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The Grandstream HT801 and HT802 is an are analog telephone adaptor (ATA) with 1 or 2 Foreign Exchange Subscriber (FXS) ports for connecting an analog phone to your NocTel Talk Host VoIP system. 

titleOutbound and Ext to Ext Dialing
  • When making an outbound call from the analog device connected to the Grandstream HT802 you must dial your NocTel account exit code + the 10 digit phon number
  • Direct extension to extensions dialing does not require the exit code. 
  • Dialing emergency service (911): dial 911 no exit code is needed. 

Add a Grandstream Extension

  1. In the NocTel portal, click Extensions > Add a new Extension.
  2. In the Grandstream section and click add device.

  3. On the Grandstream Device Provisioning page complete the following field in step 3:
    1. Device MAC:  the phone's 12-digit MAC address. The MAC address can be found on the bottom of the device.
    2. Ext. #: Give the extension a distinct extension number not currently in use in your account.
    3. Line: For all standard applications, leave as 1st
    4. Extension Name: Enter a descriptive name for the extension.

  4. Click Submit.

Finding the Grandstream


ATA's IP Address

  1. Connect the Grandstream to power using the included Micro USB power adaptor.
  2. Connect the Grandstream to an active network connection in the blue Internet port.
  3. Connect an analog phone to Phone 1 port.
  4. On the connected phone, dial ***
  5. When prompted for a menu option, dial 02. Take note of the IP address provided.

    NOTE: the above image shows the HT802 model. The HT801 has only one FXS port.

Accessing the Grandsteam's Web Interface and Provisioning

  1. Navigate to the IP address for the ATA.
  2. Login using username: admin and password: admin

  3. Click the Advanced Settings tab at the top of the page.
  4. Locate the Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning section. In the Config Server Path field, enter:

  5. Click Apply at the bottom of the page.
  6. Click the Advanced Settings tab to return to the page, scroll to the bottom and click RebootThe device will provision automatically; the process can take several minutes before the extension shows as online in the control panel.



ATA LED Pattern Description

Factory Resetting a Grandstream



titleUsing the Reset Button

To reset default factory settings using the reset button please follow the steps above:

1. Unplug the Ethernet cable.
2. Locate the reset hole on the back panel of your HT801/HT802.
3. Insert a pin in this hole and press for about 7 seconds.
4. Take out the pin. All unit settings are restored to factory settings.


titleResetting Notes
  • Factory Reset will be disabled if the “Lock keypad update” is set to “Yes”.
  • If the HT801/HT802 was previously locked by your local service provider, pressing the RESET button will only restart the unit. The device will not return to factory default settings.




User Guide

HT801Data Sheet (HT801)
HT802Data Sheet (HT802)
HT801/HT802User Guide
HT801/HT802Admin Guide

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