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Twinning allows you to pair a NocTel Go extension with a Polycom extension. When a Polycom and Go extension are twinned, any time the Polycom extension rings, the Go app will also ring.

When using twinning, both extensions must not be used in the same hunt group. Doing so will cause the Go extensions to receive multiple inbound calls. Only the Polycom phone should be used in a hunt group if it is twinned.

Enabling Twinning

Before twinning, at least one Polycom and one Go extension must already exist in the account.  If you have not already created these extensions, you may add an extension.

  1. Click on Extensions. Find the Polycom extension that you want to twin the Go extension to in the list or by searching.
  2. Click the arrow > to expand the Extension Twin section. If you do not see the Extension Twin section, click the Gear Icon to unhide the advanced features.
  3. Use the drop-down list to select the Go extension you want to twin the Polycom with. Click outside the section to close it.

Once twinned the main Polycom extension will have  after the inbound action on the Extensions list page to indicate it is twinned.

Twinned Go extensions will also share a single voicemail box owned by the parent Polycom extensions. Calls that ring the twinned extensions and reach voicemail (if enabled) will arrive on the mailbox for the parent Polycom extensions. The new message is accessible from either of the twinned extensions.

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