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While both iOS and Android feature DND capabilities that prevent notifications from lighting up the screen, popping in while you're using apps, and keeping phone calls from ringing or vibrating your device; mobile device OS DND settings do not outright prevent calls from being presented to the device.

Similar to utility services like SMS messaging, Instagram, and phone calls received through the default Phone app tied to your mobile carrier (usually through your SIM card); NocTel Go does not need to be actively open in order to receive phone calls. Without a Do Not Disturb schedule set in NocTel Go itself or hours of operation auto-attendant handling on the NocTel Talk account, it is possible for calls to arrive at any time - even off hours.

NocTel Go's Do Not Disturb setting prompts you to create an active schedule in which inbound phone calls will audibly ring and/or vibrate your mobile device. This schedule should be created to match your personal hours of availability and can be set with multiple rules to cover a basic broad schedule as well as less frequent unavailable schedules like holidays or time off.

When DND is in effect, you will see a small red icon displayed with your NocTel Go extension number and extension name. DND schedule has ended when this icon is dismissed.

When you set a DND schedule all inbound calls with be silently rejected. Rejected calls will continue ringing as normal on the caller's end, and depending on how the NocTel Go's inbound routing behavior is configured, could ring either indefinitely, transfer to voicemail, or something more advanced. Rejected calls are not forcibly and unilaterally hung up on automatically.

Recommendations and Limitations of Do Not Disturb Feature

Do Not Disturb Should Not Be Used to Implement User Availability Schedule

NocTel Go extensions are logically no different than physical handset extensions. Go extensions are administered the same way as physical and virtual extensions in the NocTel control panel where call flow control such as operating schedule, hunt group membership, and individual extension call routing are implemented. If NocTel Go users do not wish to receive calls from external parties dialing a public phone number, the individual's designated DID, utilizing a directory, or inputting the individual's extension number; this routing should be handled your account's configuration through the NocTel control panel.

If users should not be receiving calls after certain hours from Hunt Groups, those users should be instructed to make it normal procedure to sign into Hunt Groups at the beginning of the day and sign out of them at the end of the day. Similarly, external callers can be handled gracefully after hours with schedules and the appropriate messaging and options, such as landing to voicemail.

If individuals should be reachable internally even during off hours for things like emergencies, setting a Do Not Disturb schedule - for example 5 PM to 8 AM - may cause emergency contact to go unnoticed. If there is a problem with staff contacting one another excessively after hours for non-emergencies, the issue should be addressed through organization policy and not through users implementing Do Not Disturb schedules on their NocTel Go extensions.

Use Do Not Disturb Schedules to Implement Personalized Periodic Unavailable Hours

When users take time off or have emergencies that effectively make them unavailable to take calls. In this case, it's generally (or should be) communicated this individual isn't available. To avoid disturbance in such times, Do Not Disturb schedules quietly dismiss incoming calls to the NocTel Go extension but will still notify in Call History of missed calls as well as voicemail left to the extension.

Do Not Disturb Schedule Cannot Be Applied to Multiple or All NocTel Go Extensions Remotely

Since general operations and availability scheduling and routing can be handled in the NocTel control panel configuration, remotely applying DND schedules to all or multiple Go extensions has the potential for overreach. DND schedule must be configured, enabled, and disabled by each user on their mobile device Go is installed on.