NocTel for Government Use

We make it simple and efficient to configure and maintain governmental phone systems


Key Features for Government Use

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NocTel Go App

The NocTel Go softphone app delivers presence, reachability, and functionality that closely mimics that of a dedicated desk phone.

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Extension and Number Classes

Extension or Number Classes can be used to group numbers and extensions together for easier management (e.g.: department, building)

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Slipstream Migration

Temporary co-existence with legacy phone systems allows for slipstream migration in transition

Softphone extension

Softphone Extension Configurations

Government operations are a typically a split of always available and a typical office schedule. For government department employees who may not always be at their desk, softphone extensions that are still part of the phone system make these employees reachable through direct extensions without leveraging personal devices which may violate policy as all communications within government are public record. Because governments can have very different services in departments, their needs are almost unique on a case by case basis. NocTel’s call routing, delivery, scheduling, and management functionalities make configuring and maintaining a government’s phone system simpler and more efficient for IT support.

Additional features for government use

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Call Routing

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E911 Email Notifications

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Call Logs

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Hunt Groups

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Audit Reports

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Flow Call Queues

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