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NocTel Insight the web-based reporting platform for all services provided by NocTel Communications. It brings in all native service reporting to a single place featuring rich out of box reporting on the most common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relative to the service both individually and juxtaposed against other related services, such as NocTel Talk metrics and NocTel Flow metrics.

With NocTel Insight, this is what you're getting:

  • A web-based self-service application segregated from the respective services. Insight operates on a "look but don't touch" ethos. As in "look (at the data) but don't touch (the configuration)" to safeguard service accounts from inadvertent and potentially catastrophic changes made by a non-technical (and likely shouldn't be) privileged user.
  • A single, consistent web app. Whether you are subscribed to just NocTel hosted-voiced services or subscribed to multiple services; the way you access, interact, and govern data and reports is identical.
  • Rich out of box reporting implementing the most common use cases and KPIs for the NocTel services and products you subscribe to and use with options to display the results grouped not only by dimensions of interest but also in the most common time intervals.
  • Highly interactive, beautiful standard reporting providing depth of detail, graceful presentation, and an open path to exploring the relevant data.
  • The ability to create personalized views of report worksheets. No need to load a worksheet and reset filter settings to see the information relevant to you every time you access. Just set the filters and parameters to your liking and save the view, then make it your default for repeat accesses.
  • Export data used in report worksheets to Excel. Whether you want all the available data or just the data used to render the current view, data can be easily exported for further processing or sharing outside of NocTel Insight.
  • Dashboard applications that navigate and function much more like a web app than a "traditional" Dashboard grouping multiple reports together in the same view. Alternate between different visualization styles, different calculation dimensions, and see changes in selected data update related reports in real-time.
  • The same stellar NocTel Support team to assist and advise when you have questions.

This list is not exhaustive and we hope to include additional major features/benefits as we continue to learn and deliver more value to users.

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