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You can access NocTel Insight by navigating to and logging in with your NocTel Insight credentials. Navigational shortcut links will also be present in the NocTel Control Panel as well as the Flow interface for manager and supervisor role users, though there currently is no SSO integration to passthru the login.

Your NocTel Insight credentials may not be the same as the credentials used to log in to the NocTel Talk Control Panel or NocTel Flow.

Supported Web Browsers

When accessing NocTel Insight, please use an officially supported web browser:

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium based)

The following web browsers have not been tested or are not officially supported:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer prior to 11.x
  • Opera
  • Other lesser known/used and specialized web browsers, such as but not limited to:
    • Yahoo! Browser
    • Baidu
    • Silk (Amazon)
    • Others not listed here

Accessing NocTel Insight on Mobile

At this time there is no native Android or iOS app. NocTel Insight can be accessed similarly on a mobile device through the web browser such as Chrome or Safari as is done on a desktop or laptop workstation.

For quicker access on mobile, we recommend pinning NocTel Insight to your mobile device's home screen. This will act as a shortcut to open without needing to type the address or open your bookmarks.

Depending on the size and resolution of the mobile device's screen, your viewing experience may vary though Dashboards are generally optimized for mobile devices but not for each specific device resolution. Mobile views will generally present fewer filtering options to avoid utilizing too much of the limited screen real estate and leave more for the actual visualization(s). This can be circumvented by opting for the "Request Desktop Site" option depending on mobile browser, though the experience will not be optimized for mobile in doing so.

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