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This FAQ section focuses on questions and concerns relating to billing of NocTel Insight. The FAQs here do not apply to other NocTel services such as Talk or Flow.

 How Are Users Licensed and Billed in NocTel Insight?

Users are tied to an Organization. An Organization may span multiple Sites, which may encapsulate different working groups or business units within the Organization that may or may not need to make data available between one another. Users are billed only once per Organization on a monthly basis that follows the Organization's billing schedule for NocTel Talk and/or Flow, depending on what your Organization subscribes to.

 I Am a User on Multiple Separate NocTel Accounts - How Does This Affect Billing?

Users are billed once per Organization. Therefore if you are associated with two separate Organizations with NocTel Insight services, your particular user would be billed twice: once for one Organization and once for the other Organization.

Separate Organization are delineated in that the NocTel Account Number found on billing invoices are different. This means tenant groups or groups that have detailed broken down billing are considered to still be the same Organization.

 Are There Any Bulk Rate Discounts for Licensing NocTel Insight Users?

Unless negotiated in a service agreement there are no bulk licensing discounts for NocTel Insight at this time. Consult your account representative if your organization is interested in potential bulk rates.

 When Does My Organization Get Billed for NocTel Insight Licensing?

Your billing for NocTel Insight follows the same schedule as what your organization uses for NocTel Talk and/or Flow. If your organization added NocTel Insight users mid-cycle those users will be pro-rated for the first month then follow the same schedule as the NocTel Talk and/or Flow billing.

 My Organization Was Billed For a User Who is No Longer at the Organization

Managing active users occupying NocTel Insight licenses is the Site Manager's responsibility. To free up a license, the Site Manager should delete the user in question if a new individual does not take over the licensed seat. If the organization spans multiple NocTel Insight Sites, each Site Manager must delete the user to completely free up the license.

Deleted users will be billed on a pro-rated basis for the billing cycle the user was deleted in.

Be aware that deleting users to free up licensing will delete everything pertaining to the user and is irreversible

 My Organization Was Billed For a Custom Report That Was Not Approved

Since custom reporting can incur additional charges NocTel Insight exercises a strict process to ensure that charges for such reporting are well defined and understood. Custom reports will not be implemented without Account Owner approval.

If you believe a custom reporting charge is incorrect, please report it as soon as possible and include the line item description. The line item description is typically the title given to the implemented report.

 My Organization Was Invoiced Nothing or a Reduced Rate For a Billing Cycle

Review the invoice for the billing cycle. If a custom report was implemented that was converted to a standardized report in NocTel Insight, the invoiced amount is credited back to your organization. This should show as a line item credit. If the invoiced amount for the custom report is larger than your organization's invoice amount, any remaining credit balance is credited the next billing cycle and repeats until no credit remains to be applied.

 My Organization Was Invoiced For Reporting Maintenance - Why Did This Occur?

A custom reporting request was submitted to NocTel Insight Support that was approved by the Account Owner and implemented with a maintenance clause. The maintenance clause ensures that if changes to underlying logic occurs to standard metrics/calculations used in the custom report then the custom report is properly updated with that updated logic. Maintenance clauses also cover follow up requests and changes to a delivered custom report.

If you do wish to avoid reporting maintenance charges custom reporting requests should be submitted and finalized with no maintenance clause. This will result in the custom report only being invoiced for delivery and is on an as-is basis with no updates made.

 I Believe My Organization Was Billed Erroneously

Please submit a request to or call us at +1 503-764-4300. Please have your organization's NocTel Account number on hand and the invoice containing the billing dispute in question.

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