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This FAQ section addresses questions in regard to what data NocTel Insight processes, its presentation, and environments.

 Can I Import My Own Data to NocTel Insight Reports to Perform Further Analysis?

NocTel Insight does not support the ability to "bring your own data". Importing to NocTel Insight entails uploading a copy of it (such as an Excel file) or setting up remote access to resources in your organization's network. As NocTel customers span a myriad of industries with their own data and information security compliance policies, we cannot allow the ingress of potentially sensitive organizational data to be stored on and accessed from NocTel's infrastructure.

If you wish to perform additional analysis tying NocTel Insight's data to internal data at your organization we recommend performing Excel (Crosstab) exports as necessary.

 Is There a Sandbox or Similar Available to Explore My Organization's NocTel Services Data to Create My Own Reports?

Not at this time, though it is a feature we hope to deliver in the future.

 Will NocTel Insight Analyze Data I Provide From an External Source?

NocTel Insight support engineers and developers will not accept inquiries to transmit, receive, store, nor analyze potentially private or proprietary data belonging to your organization or in custody of your organization from an outside source whether that is direct from an internal system within the organization or from a third party provider used by the organization. NocTel Insight engineers do not provide managed or retainer business analysis services for customer organizations.

You may not solicit NocTel Insight engineers to integrate with such data on an independent consulting basis if the resulting reporting is implemented in Insight and ultimately resides on and accessed through NocTel's infrastructure.

 The Most Current Data Isn't Being Displayed in Reports Though the Current Date is Included in the Date Range

NocTel Insight performs nightly data refreshes - typically at midnight Pacific time. Real-time reporting is very resource intensive depending on how large the data set is or how complex the query is. Heavy requests to data backends from NocTel Insight are added onto the as received processing NocTel Insight itself must perform to stage data and produce reports resulting in multiple layers of processing before you see the resulting report.

Nightly refreshes performed by NocTel Insight fetch all data current as of midnight and pre-processes it. This way when you fetch a report that has complex data transformations or spans a very large amount of data, it takes a mere fraction of the time it would take to perform a live query and produce the same report.

Given this, NocTel Insight will always have data up to the day before.

 Sometimes I Do Get Data From Today in Reports Even Though NocTel Insight Refreshes Nightly

If you observe data from today in reports this is typically a result of NocTel Insight development or support pushing an update or fix to the reporting workbook. When reporting workbooks are updated it also typically includes an "up to this point" refresh of the data to address potential missing data before the update or fix was implemented. This may result in partial data "today".

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