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While you can expect NocTel Insight to be accessible and functional 99.9% of the time, there are maintenance events that will impact accessibility.

All service relevant events for NocTel Insight are communicated publicly at

Scheduled maintenance events will be noted no earlier than 24 hours in advance of the maintenance. Service impacting events will be communicated and updated in a timely cadence as the situation develops and resolves. Unplanned maintenance is also communicated in a similar manner as service impacting events.

The NocTel Status Page is an excellent source of information when events occur. Events always include information on what is/has occurred, what actions are being taken, whom it affects, for how long, and in what ways.

We kindly ask you check the NocTel Status Page for Insight whenever you first encounter an accessibility, performance, or availability issue before reporting it to NocTel Insight Support.

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