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While questions and issues are welcome, NocTel Insight support can assist much more effectively and swiftly with sufficient details. 

NocTel Insight Support normal operating hours are Monday-Friday 6 am to 6 pm Pacific.

How to Contact Support

Email your question or issue inquiry to and at a minimum include the following information:

  • Your NocTel Insight Site name (state only the Site you have questions on or are having an issue with if you have access to multiple Sites)
  • Your email address used to access the NocTel Insight Site if it is different from the email address used to contact support
  • Your inquiry or issue
  • How urgent is your inquiry or issue. Please use:
    • Request - A feature request with no particular priority for implementation. The request will be acknowledged no later than 24 hours or next business day upon receipt. Requests may or may not be implemented relative to development's roadmap. 
    • Low - Typical for non-issue inquiries. Your inquiry should be addressed in no longer than 48 hours or next business day upon receipt and acknowledgement.
    • Normal - Typical for issues or requests that indicate small fixes or improvements to quality of life. Your inquiry should be addressed in no longer than 24 hours or next business day upon receipt and acknowledgement.
    • High - For issues or inquiries that are time sensitive. Your inquiry should be addressed in no longer than 8 hours or upon receipt and acknowledgement.
    • Critical - For issues in which NocTel Insight is unavailable or core functionality of NocTel Insight is not functioning. Your inquiry will be addressed immediately regardless of day or time upon receipt and acknowledgement.

      For critical issues we kindly ask that basic sanity checks are performed before submitting the issue, such as checking major websites like to verify that NocTel Insight specifically is unreachable and to discount a general connectivity issue.

Be aware that the timeliness in which your inquiry or issue is addressed is relative to other outstanding issues. Lower priority issues may take longer to address if there are higher priority inquiries.

NocTel Insight Support reserves the right to de-prioritize received inquiries if it is does not meet the criteria for the asserted priority. If you do not include a priority to your request an appropriate priority will be assigned.

NocTel Insight Support will not assist unlicensed users submitting requests. If your organization has NocTel Insight licensed users you may submit your request through that licensed user.

For inquiries of adding NocTel Insight licensed users or adding the service to your organization, your organization's NocTel Talk Account Owner or NocTel Flow Manager should contact support.

More Details Help Us Assist You Faster

Communicating can be surprisingly difficult! We provide a support inquiry template you can fill in and submit your request with (omit or leave blank fields that don't apply):

Account # or Site Affected:

Urgency (Specify Normal, High, Request, or Critical): 

NocTel Services (Specify all that apply: NocTel Talk, NocTel Flow, or Other):

Name of Affected Workbook/Report(s):

Description of the Question/Problem:

What Should Be Occurring?:

Steps to Reproduce the Problem:

Troubleshooting/Analysis Performed:

What Filter/Parameter Values Were Used to Produce the Result?:

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