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In NocTel Insight, every Account (organization) will include a Site Administrator role user who can manage access by other users in the same Site as well as administer those users themselves, such as reseting passwords or adding/removing group and individual access.

When new users are added to the Site, it is the Site Administrator's responsibility to administer those users. When administering users in your Site, consider the following:

  • Your Site (Account) will be billed monthly based on the number of licensed and active users in the Site. If 10 users are created for the Site, but only 3 users have accessed Insight, you will be billed for all 10 users. That is, the activation status of users are what constitutes billing.
  • Manage your user roles and permissions carefully - not every user should have Administrative permissions or permissions to modify access and permissions for other users. Untrained and unaware users can cause a lot of confusion and strife in the Site when they are accessing data that is not relevant to their role.
    • Unless there are strong reasons to compel it, as a best standard practice only set your users to the Viewer role. The Viewer role cannot make any changes to published reports nor can they administer reports or other users in the Site aside from themselves.
  • Work with NocTel Insight Support to create a division of user groups and default permissions for users in those groups. This enables better management of users and helps ensure the right users and groups can access the appropriate content without micromanaging individuals.
    • Individual users can be assigned to multiple Groups.
  • As the Site Administrator, you are responsible for assisting and reseting user passwords. Tickets submitted by your users will be directed to the Site Administrator(s) for the Account on record to be remediated
    • Site Administrators should not contact NocTel Insight support to assist with user password resets unless in the case of a Site Administrator losing or forgetting their own password.
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