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When creating a new business account, the user must first create a user account. Once the user account is created, then the user can create a new business account.

The user and business account model is used to provide flexibility to NocTel users. With user accounts, multiple users can be invited to join a business account and given different access levels.  This allows the account administrator control over what other users can change and interact with. Also, a user can have access to multiple business accounts, while only having to worry about one way to access them. This is useful for users that have multiple businesses, offices or locations that are spread across different NocTel accounts. 


Creating a User Account

If you have not first created a NocTel User Account please visit the Creating a User Account page first.

Creating a Business Account.

Once you have created a user account, you will need to create your Business Account.

  1. To start creating the Business Account, you can follow the link provided after clicking the link in the confirmation email or

    go to and click on Sign In located in the upper-right corner of the page. Use the newly created username and password to log in.
  2. When connected to the account, the “New Business Custom Account” form should appear to the right of the menu.

  3. Enter the business name, in the first text box provided.
  4. Enter info about the legal owner of the account.

  5. Select the primary physical location that best matches. If selecting North America also indicate if you are closer to the east or west coast.  This information is used to select the VoIP servers that are closest to you.
  6. Confirm the email that should be used for account notifications.
  7. In the Phone System Options area, choose options on how your account should be configured. These items can be changed later. 
  8. Read and agree to the Terms of Service, by checking the box.

  9. Click Create Account.

The Business Account should now be created, and your user account linked to it. Now when you log into NocTel, you will be automatically taken to your Business account. You can now add numbers and extensions to your account and invite another user to the account.

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