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It is recommended that a number only be removed from an account if the account owner is completely certain the number is no longer needed and is not in-use. Once the number is deleted from the account it returns to the pool of numbers and can be purchased by others. If the deleted number is purchased by another party, it cannot be added back into the original account.

  1. Log in to the NocTel Control Panel
  2. Click on Numbers in the left-hand menu

  3. Locate the number that will be deleted in the list, or search using the search box. Click on the number to open the number’s option page.
  4. On the Number tab click the “Remove this number” link located next to the Submit button. If the link is blue you can delete the number immediately as it is not used elsewhere in the account.

    After clicking the “Remove this number” link, confirm that the extension should be deleted by click OK in the new dialog box.

    If the “remove this number” is grayed out, the number is in use somewhere in the account and must be disassociated from the areas where it is being used before it can be deleted. Clicking on the grayed-out link will show where the number is in use.

    Deleting Default e911 or Default Outbound Caller ID Numebrs

    If a telephone number is listed as the 
    Default e911 Emergency Address or the Default Outbound Caller ID the number will need to be unselected from those designations. These settings can be found under Account Preferences > General Setup > Phone System tab, in the Location Settings area. Use the drop-down menu for each item to either select a new number/address or the default (private for Caller ID and select for e911). Once you have made the needed changes click the Submit button to save the changes. You can now delete the numbers from the account. 

    Any extension that is using the default e911 emergency address number or the default outbound caller ID will be affected by these changes.