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What is ELIN and Why it Should be Implemented On Your Network

An Emergency Location Identification Number or ELIN is a way for an organization to link a ten-digit phone number to location information for calls to emergency services via a network configuration setting. 

While the NocTel control panel provides a way to assign an e911 number and emergency address to a physical extension, the nature of VoIP's mobility means that extensions can move locations without the knowledge of the account administrator, resulting in the e911 address in the control panel not being accurate. To overcome this issue, network administrators can use ELIN in their network configuration to provide more reliable location information based on an extension’s connection on the network. 

NocTel allows the ELIN information configured on your network to supersede the data in the control panel when a call to 911 takes place. The ELIN works in conjunction with emergency provisioned numbers in your account and the e911 address assigned to them.  

ELIN configuration is beneficial as it allows you to define ELINs to specific physical ports on your campus. Once configured, if an extension moves to another building (or ELIN defined area) the ELIN is updated automatically, allowing you to not worry about manually updating an extension's emergency service address within the NocTel Control Panel.

Important Info for Implementation of ELIN

  • Each ELIN should be a distinct ten-digit phone number that appears in your NocTel account.
  • The e911 address listed for a phone number used as an ELIN should be updated and accurate. (The address listed for the phone number in the control panel is what is uploaded to PSAP databases for emergency location.) 
  • LLDP and LLDP-MED must be enabled on switches.
  • ELIN should not be used for individual rooms or floors, only for specific postal addresses. (Support for a suite, floor, and room information is in development, and will be handled differently.)

ELIN Configurations for Different Switch Manufacturers

Juniper Switch: 

protocols {

    lldp-med {

        interface ge-1/1/1 {

            location {

                elin 5415551111;





Cisco Switch:

location elin-location 5415552222 identifier 2

int gig0/0

Allied Telesis ELIN :

location elin-location 5415553333 identifier 3

interface port1.0.5

lldp location elin-location-id 3

Brocade Switch:

lldp med location-id ecs-elin 5415554444 ports ethernet 4/4/4

For documentation on other switches, please consult your switch vendor's documentation.