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Flipper Schedules can be used to automatically change or set the status of an adjustable toggle in the account at a specific time. This feature is helpful for scheduling time-sensitive events that require a toggle to be set to change routing. A good example is holiday routing. The Flipper Schedules can be located under Account Preferences > Flipper Schedules


For a flipper schedule to be created, an adjustable toggle must be present in the account. If you need to create an adjustable toggle, please check out our article here

To Create a New Flipper Schedule:

  1. Click Account Preferences > Flipper Schedules 
  2. Click the Create a new Flipper link. 
  3. On the edit flipper page complete the following fields:

    1. Dash ( - ) : No Change
    2. Turn On: Set the toggle to On
    3. Turn Off: Set the toggle to Off
    4. Alternate: Set the toggle to the alternate state. If on, turn it off. If off turn it on. 
    1. Description: Name the flipper.
    2. Active: Click the check box to set the flipper to active.
    3. Time Zone: Select from the drop-down list the correct time zone.
    4. Notify Email: If you would like to receive a notification when the Flipper Schedule is complete, enter a valid email address. Multiple addresses can be entered with comma separations (Ex,
    5. Date: Enter the activation date for the flipper in the YEAR-MONTH-DAY notation (Ex. 2021-05-05).
    6. Time: Enter the activation time in a 24-hour format without seconds (Ex. 13:00 for 1 PM).
    7. Toggles: Use the drop-down next to each toggle to select an action:
  4. Click Submit, to save the scheduler.

Deleting a Flipper Schedule

  1. Click Account Preferences > Flipper Schedules.
  2. From the list of Flippers, click on the one you wish to remove.
  3. Click the Remove this Flipper link located at the bottom of the flipper options.