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Step-by-step guide

  1. From the NocTel control panel click on Extensions.

  2. Next, click on the extension you would like to forward.
  3. Look for a the option 'Forwarding (Not Configured)' and click on the arrow to the right.

  4. Using the example format '+15555551212' enter the number you would like the selected extension to forward calls to.
  5. The first check box will allow you to setup call screening.  When you get a call, it prompts you to press 1 to accept the call before it connects the caller. That way voicemail or cell messages aren't heard by the caller.

  6. The second check box will show the extension as "In Call" while the forwarding process is happening for each incoming call.1

  7. In the drop down field 'Dial using this Caller ID:' you can select how the callers number is forwarded through the system and to the mobile phone.
  8. When all settings are complete click the small slider at the top of the window that indicates 'Off", it will slide to 'On" and turn blue.