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Basic Features:

Ring this Extension – Rings the extension that you are editing the inbound behavior on. Within this option, you can set the amount of time the extension will ring, and the ringing sound the inbound caller will hear.

Hang Up* – This will disconnect the caller from the extension, and end the call.

Leave a Voicemail Will transfer the caller to a voicemail box. Within this option, the extension you want the voicemail to be left on can be selected, as well as the option to end the call after a voicemail has been left.

Log a Note in the Call Record – Can be used to place a note in the call record for an incoming call. Notes will appear in the call log, located under the Reports and Billing tab.

Play a Recording – Used to play a recording that has been added to the account. Example: after-hours greeting, menu options list.

Play a Busy Signal* – Inbound caller will hear a busy signal and is forced to disconnect.

Receive a Fax* – Routes incoming faxes to a different extension.

Require Password – Requires the caller to enter a valid password before continuing. Within this option, a user can set the system to prompt for a password, enter and change the desired password, and choose between allowing three attempts before disconnecting. Example use case: requiring a password for entering a conference call.

Text to Speech – Text written in the text box will be converted to a synthesized voice and played to the caller.

Transfer to Extension* – Used to transfer the inbound caller to a different extension within your NocTel account. Once this feature is used the call is no longer handled by the original extension, it will go to step one of the extension chosen.

Transfer to Trunk* – Used to transfer the inbound caller to a SIP trunk.  This is used for tying in existing PBX systems to NocTel’s dialplan, phone lines, and call routing services.

Wait - Instructs the system to wait a number of seconds determined by the user before going to the next step. Usefully when wanting to give the caller time to input a selection, such as with a menu system.

 Advance Features:

Conference Bridge* - Allows the caller to access the conference bridge functions. See the Conference Bridges article to learn more about this feature and how to create conference bridges.

Directory of Names - Used to allow the caller to request to be transferred to an extension by speaking the name of an extension. See the article on Directory of Names for more information.

Ring a Hunt Group - Used to ring multiple extensions at the same time. A hunt group must first be made by using the Hunt Group tab.

Adjustable Toggle - This behavior allows for on/off toggles that can be set via the control panel or via an account phone (with correct setup) to use in making routing rules. Please see the article on Adjustable Toggles for detailed info. 

Manage and Listen to Voicemail* – Allows a user to access their voicemail box to retrieve and manage voicemails and greetings.

Prepend Caller ID – Will add a label to an incoming call which will show on the Caller ID.

Prompt and Store Dialed Input in Memory -  Prompts caller with a recording, asking the caller to enter some info, then store the inputted information for future use in the call. Example: Call-in survey.

Record Audio – Records caller’s audio and stores the recording in the Recordings tab. Useful in making a recording line for a message that needs to be changed often, the message can then be automatically used in an extension. Examples: Movie phone or Obituary Line.

Reserved Special Action* – This allows for specialty applications and should only be used when instructed to use by NocTel Support.

Store Value in Memory – Will store information entered by the caller in a call variable which can be used later in the call.

Perform Next Step Only If… - Used with a schedule within the account to perform a task based on if the call happens inside or outside of a scheduled time period or based on a call variable that was set previously during the call. (NOTE: Variables are limited to a MAX of 8 characters.)

 … And Also - Used with “Perform Next Step Only If..” to added another action the call should take only if the most recent “Perform Next Step Only If..” was performed.

 … Else - Used with “Perform Next Step Only If..”. If the criteria of the "Perform Next Step Only If..." is not met this action will take place.


Actions denoted with a * are terminating action for an extension's behavior. These actions will result in the call not progressing through other steps (unless used correctly with an If statement). These actions either send the call to another extension or function within the NocTel system. 

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