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Click-to-Transfer describes the NocTel Flow feature agents use to transfer calls from themselves to other Queues or possibly directly to a different individual. We strongly recommend all agents use Click-to-Transfer for transferring calls instead of via a headset or directly from the handset itself. Agents frequently utilize resources and tools when handling calls on their workstation - Click-to-Transfer keeps the agent's focus at their workstation and reduces unnecessary context changes when in call.

Using Click-to-Transfer:

1. The agent must be in an active call to transfer

 2. During the call, select the Transfer Destination which is located in the Agent Dashboard window near Post-Call Status. The Transfer Destination selection drop down menu is encircled in red in the screenshot below:

Tip: If you make frequent transfers to the same destination, Flow remembers your last Transfer Destination selection. This means you do not need to select the Transfer Destination each time as long as where the call is being transferred to remains the same.

3. To execute the transfer, click the arrow next to the current call duration found in the My Calls section of the Agent Dashboard. This region is encircled in red in the screenshot below. After executing the transfer, you will be set to your designated Post-Call Status encircled in blue in the screenshot below:

Note: After you have transferred a call you have completed your handling. Click-to-Transfer is a blind transfer meaning once transferred the call is no longer handled or associated with you. Flow also offers a Warm Transfer that can connect two existing agent conversations together.  In this way it is similar to having hung up the call. There is no way to recover or cancel a transfer once executed.