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Supported SPA or PAP model Cisco/LinkSys Devices:

  • PAP2T-NA, SPA112

  • SPA901, SPA942, SPA962, etc.

Step-by-step guide

titleImportant Info

Before you start, the ATA and the computer being used to provision the device must be on the same network. You must be able to PING the device once you have identified its IP address. 

If the Device is an ATA

  1. Plug in the Ethernet and power to the ATA.
  2. Wait for the ATA to be fully initialized.
  3. Attach an analog phone to the Line 1/Phone 1 port.
  4. Pick up the phone and dial **** to enter configuration mode.
  5. Dial 110#
  6. Listen and write down the IP address which will be spoken aloud over the telephone receiver. It will consist of four numbers (up to three digits each) separated by periods.
  7. In the NocTel control panel, click on the Extensions pages in the left-hand menu.
  8. Click the Add a New Extension link and locate the Cisco ATA/SPA section and click Add Device.
  9. Enter the IP address give into the IP address field on the NocTel SPA Sevice Provisioning page.
  10. Click Provision New SPA.
  11. If manual intervention is required on the next page click the Push link.
  12. The ATA will now reboot. Give the ATA about two minutes to reboot fully then make a test call.