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  1. Click Account Preferences > Flipper Schedules 
  2. Click the Create a new Flipper link. 
  3. On the edit flipper page complete the following fields:

    1. Dash ( - ) : No Change
    2. Turn On: Set the toggle to On
    3. Turn Off: Set the toggle to Off
    4. Alternate: Set the toggle to the alternate state. If on, turn it off. If off turn it on. 
    1. Description: Name the flipper.
    2. Active: Click the check box to set the flipper to active.
    3. Time Zone: Select from the drop-down list the correct time zone.
    4. Notify Email: If you would like to receive a notification when the Flipper Schedule is complete, enter a valid email address. Multiple addresses can be entered with comma separations (Ex,
    5. Date: Enter the activation date for the flipper in the YEAR-MONTH-DAY notation (Ex. 2021-05-05).
    6. Time: Enter the activation time in a 24-hour format without seconds (Ex. 13:00 for 1 PM).
    7. Toggles: Use the drop-down next to each toggle to select an action:
  4. Click Submit, to save the scheduler.