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  1. If the virtual extension voicemail has not been enabled, do this now, see “Enabling Voicemail for an Extension” above.
  2. If the virtual extension has not been assigned an extension number, do so by clicking the pencil icon next to the extension name in the extension’s options page. Enter a number in the area provided and click Save. The extension must have a number to be accessed through the NocTel General Voicemail Menu.

  3. Click the arrow (>) in the voicemail widget to expand it.

  4. Assign the voicemail PIN is the box provided. After entering the PIN click outside the opened widget to close it and save the changes. The virtual mailbox must have a PIN to be accessed through the NocTel General Voicemail Menu.

    The PIN should be at least four digits and not start with 0.

    If a greeting has been pre-made and uploaded, add it now using the Greeting drop down list. To learn how to make and upload a greeting visit the Add a Recording page. If not use the following steps to create the greeting:

  5. On any phone dial *98.
  6. When prompted enter the extension’s number followed by the # key.
  7. When prompted enter the extension’s PIN followed by the # key.
  8. Press 7 for voicemail options.
  9. Press 1 for greeting set up. Follow the system prompts to record and set the voicemail greeting. Hang up when finished. 

Email Notifications

To receive email notifications of voicemail received for extensions:

  1. In the extension's options page click > to expand the Email Notification widget.
  2. Add a valid email to the email field.
  3. To have a copy of the recording attached to the email check the first box.
  4. Click outside the widget to save the changes.

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Other Useful Documents

Voicemail Menu Flow Chart