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Play a Recording – Used to play a recording that has been added to the account. Example: after-hours greeting, menu option options list.

Play a Busy Signal* – Inbound caller will hear a busy signal and is forced to disconnect.


Transfer to Extension* – Used to transfer the inbound caller to a different extension within your NocTel account. Once this feature is used the call is no longer handled by the original extension, it will go to step one of the extension chosen.

Transfer to QueueZero Call Center* – Used to transfer the call to an answering center, outside of your NocTel account.Transfer to Trunk* – Used to transfer the inbound caller to a SIP trunk.  This is used for tying in existing PBX systems to NocTel’s dialplan, phone lines, and call routing services.


 … Else - Used with “Perform Next Step Only If..”. If the criteria of the "Perform Next Step Only If..." is not met this action will take place.



Actions denoted with a * are terminating action for an extension's behavior. These actions will result in the call not progressing through other steps (unless used correctly with an If statement). These actions either send the call to another extension or function within the NocTel system.