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If you are having trouble connecting to the internet there are a few simple steps you can try before contacting support.

STEP 1: Reboot Your Router

Home Router/Wi-Fi Access Point devices can occasionally get in a bad state, often due to a power outage or loss of connection.

Try rebooting or power cycle your home router:

  1. Disconnect the router from its power source.
  2. Wait for 5 to 10 seconds for the device to completely power down. 
  3. Reconnect the router to power.

STEP 2: Reboot Your Devices

If rebooting your home router does not correct the issue try to reboot the devices experiencing the issue. If you have a Wi-Fi access point that is separate from your main router, reboot the access point.

STEP 3: Bypass Home Router. 

You can narrow down what may be causing the issue by bypassing your home router. 

  1. Disconnect the NocTel Fiber lead Ethernet cable from your home router. 
  2. Connect the NocTel lead Ethernet cable directly to your computer's network port/jack.
  3. In your computer network setting, ensure Wi-Fi is off, and you are connected to the Ethernet option.
  4. Open a browser and check the connection by navigating to a website or performing a google search.
  5. Possible Outcomes:
    • Being able to navigate to a website by bypassing your home router would indicate that there is an issue with the router, and NocTel Fiber's services are operating. 
    • Not being able to navigate to a website when the home router is bypass might point to a service affecting issue at NocTel Fiber

STEP 4: Check NocTel Fiber's Status.

If the NocTel Fiber Network is experiencing an issue our team may already be aware of it and working to restore service. You can check NocTel Fiber's status by one of the following methods;

  • Visite - Current outages and updates on repairs are posted here
  • Call us at 360.837.7400 - If we are experiencing an outage a message will play before our main menu to alert callers of the issue. 

STEP 5: Contact Support

If there is no outage notice posted or If none of the above has corrected your issue please contact our support team by one of the following options:

Please include your service address, name, and a brief description of the issue in your email or if prompted to leave a voicemail for our team.