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We're sure you have questions - for the more common ones we should have an answer here.

General FAQ

 What is a softphone?

A softphone is a software-based telephone. The default Phone app on your smartphone is a softphone, too! Softphones and softphone apps reproduce the behavior of a regular telephone, and depending on who made it and for what purpose, it may or may not include business functionality like cold/warm transfers, multiple lines, extension dialing, and conferencing capability. NocTel Go is a business use softphone app.

All softphones need to work is a voice (VoIP) service provider, a phone number, and/or extension number; depending. Because the operation of the "phone" is all done within the app (software), the only physical component you need is the device the softphone is installed on. This means your device's SIM card and the provider as well as phone number associated with it are not necessary for the softphone to work.

 Can NocTel Go extensions replace physical handsets for my organization?

NocTel Go brings the major business functionalities of a phone to mobile devices, but it may not be a drop in replacement at large for physical handsets. For example, while NocTel Go does have a speed dial capability, it is found in a separate app view that must be pulled up. For users like secretaries or front of office staff, it may be more effectively to use a physical handset with a sidecar extension to see quickly many extensions within the organization and their current status.

Also consider the reliability quality of the two options. Softphone activity is simply data over the internet, so it is difficult to implement QoS around or segregate to a dedicated VLAN. This means if the organization's available bandwidth gets saturated, phone calls will likely be impacted. Whereas in using physical handsets it is possible to prioritize voice VLAN traffic and keep call quality and stability during particularly busy periods.

There are other organizational level considerations to be had as well, such as whether your organization subsidizes or reimburses data plans of employees who use their own personal devices for work functions (BYOD) or if the organization furnishes issued mobile devices to all or certain employees. While reimbursing or subsidizing data plan cost for employees sidesteps one time cost of dedicated physical handsets or purchasing company devices and an MDM solution, it creates an associated recurring additional cost to services that can catch up and exceed those one time costs.

If you are unsure of whether NocTel Go can fully replace the use or need of physical handsets or just want to know more about the tradeoffs between options, feel free to reach out to us for consultation at

 Can NocTel Go do SMS/MMS messaging and video calls?

We plan to add those features to NocTel Go in future updates as major features.

 What mobile OS versions are supported?

Generally speaking, the current mobile OS version minus 3 major versions is a good rule of thumb. For example, as of this writing Android 9.x is the current Android major version making Android 6.x and newer generally safe for compatibility with your device. However, this rule is not hard and fast so operating system requirements may change significantly relative to what the OS developers change major version to major version. This may introduce new or modified permissions, security, and fundamental operation that may make newer mobile apps incompatible with older versions.

In general, both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store will notify you if a device you are attempting to install or update NocTel Go on is not compatible.

At this time NocTel Go does not support mobile operating systems such as Windows on Sony Xperia devices and less prevalent operating systems, such as but not limited to Huawei's HarmonyOS (HongmengOS).

 Can I downgrade my installed NocTel Go app version?

Unless you have used an extractor app for Android or otherwise procured a copy of an older version of NocTel Go from an official source there is no method to downgrade an existing installed version of the app.

 Is there a desktop app for NocTel Go for Windows and MacOS?

An installable client app for Windows 10 and MacOS are planned, but not available yet.

 Can I use NocTel Go with a different voice service other than NocTel Talk?

At this time NocTel Go is only compatible with NocTel Talk cloud-hosted voice service.

 Can I use a wireless or Bluetooth headset with NocTel Go?

As long as the headset being used provides a microphone input, it should generally work. For Bluetooth headsets, you should verify the device provides the A2DP and HFP profiles which are necessary to interact with and handle phone calls. More advanced headsets that feature button controls will also typically include the AVRCP profile which allows the paired device and media/phone apps to correctly interpret button presses. As the range of possible devices is incredibly large, NocTel cannot test every valid combination of mobile device to headset device. We encourage you to evaluate a headset with your NocTel Go extension before purchasing it and presuming it fit for normal use.

NocTel provides no warranty or guarantee any and all headset peripheral and mobile device combination will be fully compatible with NocTel Go.

 Can I use a smartwatch with NocTel Go?

This has not been extensively tested, but may work as long as the smartwatch has the physical capabilities (speaker, microphone) to handle calls. Some gestures to handle calls in a rudimentary manner may work, such as answering or rejecting a call through the smartwatch.

 Does NocTel Go interoperate with my smart assistant?

NocTel Go currently does not have any smart assistant interoperability with well-known assistants such as Siri, Google Now, and Alexa.

 Can I use NocTel Go with a tablet?

If the tablet is running a modern version of Android or iOS, it can install, provision, and use NocTel Go the same as any smartphone would. However, be aware NocTel Go is not optimized for tablets.

 Can I install NocTel Go on a Kindle tablet?

Generally if the Kindle is from the Fire product line, you can install and use NocTel Go without issue. The installation process will be different than installing on Android as NocTel does not have an Amazon app store entry for NocTel Go:

  1. Download the NocTel Go APK from the Google Play Store or use an APK extractor app to extract the APK from an Android device NocTel Go is already installed on
  2. Transfer the APK file to your Kindle Fire device
  3. In the Kindle system settings locate where unofficial apps can be installed
  4. Locate the NocTel Go APK file and install

Note: because NocTel does not have an Amazon app store entry for NocTel Go, you will need to manually update the app on any Kindle devices you install and use it on.

 Can NocTel store call recordings I create on my Go extension with NocTel Talk?

At this time NocTel does not offer any native integration or cloud storage service for calls recorded from NocTel Talk. Call recording and storage for NocTel Flow is a feature, but not extended for calls at large for customers using only NocTel Talk. You will need to furnish your own storage provider or strategy. NocTel recommends working with your IT department to identify your needs and to be aware of information security compliance that may apply to the industry your organization belongs to.

App Usage and Interface FAQ

 NocTel Go is not able to scan the provisioning QR code

Ensure you allowed NocTel Go to access your mobile device's camera. If you did not do this, you will need to locate the NocTel Go app and check its current permissions. If you are certain that NocTel Go has access to your device's camera, make sure you are getting the entire QR code squarely in the camera viewfinder and not partially or at an angle.

 NocTel Go keeps stating my credentials are wrong when I try to associate to my device

The only valid method of provisioning a NocTel Go extension to a mobile device is to scan the QR code (or image copy of it) with your mobile device. The credentials used to associate the Go extension with your mobile device are not the NocTel control panel credentials.

If you are scanning the QR code credentials, it is possible the Go extension has been provisioned on a different device and the QR code attempting to be used is invalid. Refresh the NocTel Go extension page, expand the Go app credentials wicket, and ensure a QR code is generated. If no QR code is generated, the Go extension is already provisioned to a device. If this is incorrect, disassociate the Go extension and refresh the page. Expanding the Go app credentials wicket again will display a newly generated QR code.

 Can I associate the same NocTel Go extension to multiple devices?

Not at this time. When a NocTel Go extension is provisioned it is bound to the mobile device it is activated on. This may be somewhat problematic for iOS users with multiple devices, such as an iPhone and an iPad on the same Apple ID, since device app syncing will copy the apps on of the devices to the other.

If you wish to relocate the NocTel Go extension to a different device you should do the following:

  1. In the NocTel control panel, locate the Go extension and expand its Go App Credentials wicket
  2. Select disassociate to re-deploy on a new device
  3. Contract and re-expand the Gp App Credentials wicket - a new provisioning QR code will be generated
  4. Scan the QR code on a different mobile device that has not yet provisioned a Go extension

On the originally associated mobile device you will need to navigate to Settings and select "Reset Application" to remove the orphaned Go extension binding.

 Can I use BLF statuses for Favorites that are not part of my organization's NocTel Talk account?

While the BLF setting can be flipped on, if the contact does not correspond to a valid extension number that is tied to a physical handset or another Go extension, the BLF status displayed will not be correct.

 How does NocTel Go know about my personal contacts?

When NocTel Go is first launched it will prompt permission to your mobile device's local contacts. Local contacts on mobile device may be pulled in by iOS or Android from the default Phone app as well as productivity apps like Gmail, Outlook, etc.. The contacts pulled by the mobile OS from first and third party communications and productivity apps are made available to NocTel Go through the Contacts permission. NocTel Go does not pull contacts from other apps installed on the same mobile device directly.

If you do not wish to have NocTel Go pull local contacts from your mobile device, do not allow the Contacts permission. You may revoke the permission for NocTel Go specifically on your mobile device. The location may vary with mobile OS and OS version. Consult the appropriate documentation for your mobile device make, model, and mobile OS version for assistance.

 Some Go app settings rely on sensors that I don't know if my device has. Can I still toggle these settings on?

If you are unsure whether or not your mobile device has certain sensors you can safely enable the corresponding Go app settings. If the necessary sensor is not present, Go will simply not perform the enabled function. This is equivalent to the setting being toggled to Off and will cause no harm in app usage.

 Do my local Go settings get overwritten each night the same as physical handsets do?

Local settings you've set in Go remain persistent as you've configured them. As NocTel does not assert configuration of every deployed Go extension, undesirable behavior relating to settings you have made are generally corrected by defaulting the app settings back.

 Why are the settings for iOS and Android different?

iOS and Android are two separate and very different mobile operating systems under the hood and their respective ecosystems operate differently as well. While iOS and Android do many things similarly, the degree to which varies. So the differences in setting options between the versions are not because we wanted to give Android users more choice out of preference, it may be a result of the capability to do the same on iOS wasn't available or feasible.

 Why are some extensions in my organization's NocTel account not showing up in contacts?

For extensions to be listed as a contact from your NocTel account, the extension must at a minimum have an assigned extension number. Without an extension number, NocTel Go does not know what should be dialed. Therefore, unnumbered extensions on your NocTel account will not populate.

 What reporting for NocTel Go is available?

NocTel Go extensions are operable extensions on your account. The quantity of NocTel Go extensions on your account, call volume, minute usage, etc. are calculated as part of the NocTel Talk reporting provided in NocTel Insight. For NocTel Go specific usage, you would filter the Device Type to only include NocTel Go devices.

Beyond Insight reporting as captured in NocTel Talk metrics, NocTel Go extension monitoring such as latency graphs are available within the NocTel control panel.

 DND Settings on iOS

iOS has moved away from using app-based DND settings for softphones and relies on iOS's DND setting instead. Setting the DND option for your Go extensions in the app will result in inbound call causing the screen to activate, a short vibration, or half-ring before the app rejects the call. To better ensure you are not disturbed by calls, use iOS's DND settings. The iOS DND settings are accessed via Settings > Do Not Disturb.

iOS DND Options:

  • Do Not Disturb: Enable or Disable DND
  • Scheduled: Enable or Disable a set schedule for DND
  • Silence: Choose between Always or While iPhone is Locked
  • Allow Calls From: Choose between, EveryoneNo OneFavorites, or a Contact Group
  • Repeated Calls: allows a call to ring if from the same person within three minutes. 

Security FAQ

 My mobile device was lost or stolen, how do I ensure someone cannot start using my NocTel Go extension?

If you have lost or had your mobile device stolen, report the loss immediately to your organization's IT support department. Commonly, your organization's IT support staff may issue a remote wipe of the lost/stolen device rendering it totally useless to the person in possession.

Loss or theft of personal or company assets constitutes a security incident which your organization's IT department is responsible for. Support inquiries for assistance in these circumstances cannot be accommodated.

 I don't prefer to have my personal and professional contacts stored in NocTel Go, how do I remove them?

NocTel Go retrieves your mobile device's contact info from the mobile operating system itself through requesting and requiring consent to access Contacts. Selecting Deny prevents NocTel Go from accessing your personal contacts. If you selected Allow initially and change your mind, navigate to your device's security and app preferences. Locate NocTel Go and toggle Off the Contacts permission.

 How do I ensure security of my call recordings?

NocTel Go will by default store any call recordings you create on demand or create by default to the mobile device itself. These recordings are not encrypted to allow portability, storage, and playback from other devices or services, such as AWS S3. If you require encryption of call recordings or a retention policy, we recommend working with your organization's IT department to establish and implement appropriate datasec policies and practices.

Billing FAQ

 How are NocTel Go extensions billed?

NocTel Go extensions are billed on a monthly basis the same as a physical extension is. The rate may vary depending on if your organization has a contract specifying different monthly rates for NocTel Go extensions and physical handsets. VoIP usage is also billed on a minutely basis the same as other extensions according to your organization's domestic and international rates.

A NocTel Go extension that is twinned to a physical Poly phone is billed at $0/month (FREE)*

*standard usage rates apply

 Is service usage for NocTel Go measured any differently than a physical handset?

No, NocTel Go extension usage is measured and billed the same as physical handsets. NocTel Go extensions abide by the same minutely rate your organization has applied domestically and internationally as well as the fixed monthly cost for service. Usage is billed in minutes and not on a different basis like data expenditure/transit.

 Does NocTel Go measure data usage for calls that used mobile data on my device?

NocTel Go does not measure and report data usage for calls that used mobile data at any point in the call whether that was briefly or the entirety of the call. If your organization provides work mobile devices or provides full coverage or partial subsidy of data use each month, your organization should have or be using tools specifically to better track it. In most cases, mobile devices will provide a local device report on how much data apps have used. You may refer there for such information.

For enterprise organizations wanting to track NocTel Go data usage on BYOD or company devices, NocTel recommends seeking an MDM (mobile device management) solution that includes individual app data use reporting.

 An employee left my organization who was using NocTel Go, but we are still being charged for the Go extension on the account. How do I get this corrected?

NocTel Go extensions like physical extensions on your account will continue to be billed so long as the extension exists and is in service. "In service" in this context means the Go QR code provisioning credentials have been used and are still bound to a device.

When an employee leaves the organization and you no longer wish to have the NocTel Go extension present and be billed for it, you should:

  1. Disassociate the NocTel Go extension from the associated device via the NocTel control panel
  2. Delete the NocTel Go extension off the account*

*It may be necessary to remove the Go extension from configuration such as phone number binding and Hunt Groups before the extension can be deleted.

Even if you have disassociated the NocTel Go extension from the exited employee's device, it is still considered actively inventoried and usable in the system. Think of this logically functioning the same as having an extension on the account that corresponds to a spare physical handset that has not been deployed to a location.

NocTel will not refund or credit your account for administrative oversight on you or your organization's part. NocTel recommends auditing account extensions - both physical devices and Go softphone extensions - periodically to ensure entries are up to date. If you need assistance or have further questions, reach out to us at

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