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Use the following guide to invite a new user to an existing NocTel Talk account. This process sends the new user an email invite with a link to create a new user login.

Step-by-step guide

  1. In your NocTel Control Panel, click on 'Account Preferences'.

  2. Click on Account Users.

  3. In the Account Users screen, you can enter a display name for the new user.

  4. Enter the new user's email address (you may also enter an existing NocTel username if the user already has another account).
    1. Once you enter the email address, 3 account access levels will appear below:
      1. Account Administrator: Unrestricted access to the entire NocTel account.
      2. Account Manager: Access to numbers and extensions and can grant normal user access.
      3. Normal User: A normal user can access voicemail and manage extensions they have been granted access to. 
        (The drop down box for the assignment of a Normal User to their mailbox and number.)

  5. The personalized message box is for any additional text you would like to be included in the invitation email.
  6. If you prefer, add your name in the signed box.
  7. Press 'Send Invitation' to save settings and send the invitation to the new user.