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Additional audio files for use with Algo Paging Devices. Open the link in a new tab to preview the audio, or download the linked file.

Announcement (1-tone) - Ding.wav

Announcement (2-tones) - Bing,Bong .wav

Announcement (3-tones)- Ping,dong,ding.wav

Announcement (4-tones) - Upbeat.wav

Chime Down (4-tones).wav

Chime UP (4-tones).wav

Double Ring UK.wav

Fire Alarm - Beep,beep,bepp.wav

Fire Alarm - Long Ring.wav

Gong (1-tone).wav

Honk Alarm (4 seconds).wav

Metal Bell (2-tones).wav

Old Ring.wav

Reception Bell.wav

School Bell 1 - 3 seconds.wav

School Bell 2 - 5 seconds.wav

School Bell 3 - 5 seconds.wav