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Paging allows the user to make an announcement to phones in a predetermined group with one-way audio from the sending phone to all phones in the paging group.

Paging Vs Intercom

Paging differs from Intercom, which is two-way audio communication from one phone to another.

Since paging operates on your local area network and does not contact the NocTel servers, this makes the paging feature functional even if your Internet connection is unavailable.  Because it leverages components of your local network, there are a couple of prerequisites to ensuring a successful deployment:

  • The paging group must be on the same VLAN.
  • IGMP Snooping feature must be OFF on the switch.
  • Multicast may be filtered on your network.  Contact your network administrator to ensure it is allowed to traverse between different layer 2 networks.  Layer 3 networks may require a multicast routing feature or license to be enabled.  Contact your switch, router and firewall vendors for more information.

Configuring Paging in the NocTel control panel

  1. Log in to the NocTel Control Panel
  2. Click “Account Preferences” to expand the section in the left-hand menu.

  3. Click “Paging Groups” in the expanded list.

  4. On the Paging Groups page click “Create a New Paging Group

  5. Fill in the following information:
    1. Name of Group: Give the paging group a distinct name.  This will be displayed to all phones when making a page.
    2. Group Status: Select Enabled to turn the paging group on.
    3. Quality: Select between high and low-quality audio. NocTel recommends that you leave this on high quality for best results, but low quality is available in the event you run into compatibility issue with older equipment.
    4. Maximum Paging Length: Default maximum length is 5 minutes. Adjust this setting to fit the account and paging groups attended use. Select from 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or one hour.
    5. Polycom Group: This is the group number that the Polycom phone will recognize the paging group by. There are 24 normal paging groups (numbered 1 – 24) and one emergency paging group (number 25). Paging group 25 will always page, even if the phone is in a call. 
    6. Multicast IP: NocTel Recommends not changing this setting.
    7. Multicast Port: NocTel Recommends not changing this setting.

  6. Click Submit.

Adding a Extension to a Paging Group

Once a paging group has been enabled in the Account Preferences section of the control panel, you must set up each extension that will be part of the paging group.

  1. Click Extensions in the left-hand menu.

  2. Select an extension to add to a paging group.
  3. Locate the section titled Group Paging. (If you do not see this section click the gear icon to unhide the option.)

  4. Click > to expand the group paging section.
  5. In the expanded section, click Receive and/or Transmit next to the groups that the extension should be a part of.  Receive means that this phone will receive pages for that group.  Transmit means that the phone can initiate paging to that group.

  6. Click the ON/OFF toggle button at the top of the section to enable paging for the extension.

  7. Click outside the Group Paging section to save.

Using the Paging Feature

  1. Press the Paging soft key on the main screen.
  2. Select a paging group from the list and press the Page soft key.
  3. The page is now activated and you can speak.
  4. Press End Page to hang up.


Printable Version - Paging with Polycom Phones.pdf