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This guide will help you set up your NocTel On Premise Server (NocTel OPS), linking it to your account.

Step-by-step guide

Link the server to your NocTel account

  1. Power the server on.
  2. At the console: login using ntconf for the username and the password. You will be brought to the NocTel OPS menu.
  3. Record the string to the right of the main menu title, This is your Server ID, you will need it later.
  4. Select option 1, Network Configuration.
  5. Edit the network options to reflect the correct network information.
  6. Exit to the main menu by entering 0.
  7. Select option 2, API Authentication.
  8. Select option 1, add a new key.
  9. Login using an email address (or username) and password combo from a user that is on the account you want to link to.
  10. Exit to the main menu.
  11. Logout using option 0.

Configuring your account to use the server

  1. Login to your NocTel account
  2. Go to Account Preferences > General Setup > On-Premise Servers
  3. Look for your Server ID that you recorded in the previous section.
  4. Enter a label for the server and it's IP or hostname, typically what you set in the previous section.
  5. Now create a SIP trunk. Instructions can be seen here: Adding a SIP Trunk
  6. Once you have created you trunk, go into the trunk, Control Panel > Extensions > YourTrunk'sNameHere
  7. Click on the preferences tab to expand it. 
  8. Once in the preferences tab, select the on-premise server from the drop down menu
  9. Once the server is selected, click off to the side of the preferences tab to collapse it and apply the changes.

If you don't see the preferences tab try clicking on the gear icon on the right side and it should show up.