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These instructions will guide you through adding a SIP Trunk extension to your account.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Logged into your NocTel account
  2. Navigate to: Control Panel > Extensions
  3. Click on Add a New Extension
  4. Click add device under Sip Trunk
  5. Click on the pencil Icon to edit the Trunk's name
  6. Click the Trunk Routing link to set additional details for this trunk such as adding channels, configuring caller ID options and setting up the authentication type.
  7. Configure the remote end of the trunk per the manufacturer or provider's specifications
  8. If calls are required to be sent to the trunk from the NocTel configured devices, you may need to configure ranges within the NocTel Routing rules.  These can be configured by navigating to: Account Preferences -> General Setup -> Routing.