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Use the following guide to connect a Grandstream WP820 Wi-Fi Phone as a Genic SIP device to your NocTel account. 

Connecting the Device to WiFi

  1. On the handset press Menu and navigate to Settings > Network Setting > Wi-Fi.
  2. Set Wi-Fi to On and then navigate to Wi-Fi settings and select it. A list of Wi-Fi networks will be displayed.

  3. Select the desired network and enter the correct password to connect.

Accessing the Phones  Web Interface

  1. On the headset press Menu and navigate to Status > Network Status. Note the devices IPv4 Address.

  2. Navigate to the phone’s IP address in your PC browser.
  3. Use admin for the username and password. The web interface will ask you to set a new password. Follow the instruction and save your password in a secure password manager. 

Linking the Device to a NocTel Extension

  1. Create a new Generic SIP extension in your NocTel account. 
  2. Add the phones MAC address (with no delineations or spaces) in the Preference for SIP Device widget in the MAC address text box and click Associate.
    The phones MAC address can be found on the box or by pressing Menu > Status > System Info on the handset. 

  3. Give the extension a name and number by clicking the pencil icon. Click Save when done. 
  4. Locate the “How to Configure your generic SIP Device” section at the bottom of the extension’s options page. This info will need to be added to the phone’s web interface.
  5. In the Phone’s web interface click Account > Account 1 > General Settings.

  6. Complete the following fields in the phones web interface with the corresponding data from the NocTel control panel:

    WP820 Web Interface FieldNocTel Control Panel Data

    Account Name

    Extension Number

    SIP Server

    SIP Host

    SIP User ID

    SIP User ID

    SIP Authentication ID

    SIP User ID

    SIP Authentication Password

    SIP Password

    Display Name

    Extension Number

    Voicemail Access Number


    Secondary SIP Server

    If your generic SIP extension has a Secondary SIP Host enter that information into the Secondary SIP Server section.

  7. Click Save at the bottom of the web interface.
  8. Click the Apply button that appears at the top of the web interface.

  9. The phone will reboot and reconnect and will display the extension number under the date and time. The extension should now show as online in the Noctel control panel. You can now place calls.  

Generic SIP Devices

While many SIP devices can be added to your NocTel account using the Generic SIP device extension NocTel can not guarantee that all of the features of the device will function as a generic SIP extension.