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The following setps will guide users through the process of setting up a Apivio Wifi phone on the NocTel system.

Connect the Apivio WiFi Phone to a Wifi Network.

  1. Press the End Call/Power button for 3 seconds to turn on the handset.
  2. On the first startup, the device will prompt to be connected to an active Wi-Fi source. Follow the on-screen instructions to select the correct Wi-Fi Source and enter the password.
  3. After it is connected the phone will prompt to start setup. This guide will be using the web-interface for easier setup. Press Del/Back until you return to the phone’s main screen.

Getting the Apivio’s MAC an IP address:

  1. On the main screen press Menu>> 8. System Info>> 3. Network
  2. Take note of the devices MAC Address and it’s IP Address you will need them in later steps.

Creating a Generic SIP Extension

The Apivio Wi-Fi currently needs to be added as a Generic SIP device. In the NocTel Control Panel add a generic SIP extension 

  1. Log into your NocTel Account.
  2. Click Extensions on the left-hand menu.
  3. Click the Add a New Extension link at the top of the extensions page.
  4. From the list of devices locate the Generic SIP Device section and click the Add Device button. This will take you to the new extensions option page.
  5. Give the extension a name and number. 
  6. Click the > button in the Preferences for SIP Device to expand the widget. Enter the device’s MAC address in the text box and click Associate
  7. At this time you can also set the extensions Caller IDNumberand Emergency Addressif changes need to be made.
  8. IMPORTANT:  After creating the extensions you will need to take note of the extensions SIP Host,SIP User ID, and SIP Passwordlocated at the bottom of the page.

Enabling and Accessing the phone’s Web Interface:

  1. On the phone’s home screen dial **6646*00 
  2. Enter 9999 and press “OK” If 9999 doesn’t work you have a newer firmware and should try 99999999 (eight 9’s)
  3. Select 3. Remote 
  4. Select 1. Web
  5. Using the arrow pad’s left/right change disabled to enable.
  6. Press OK
  7. In a web browser navigate to the IP address of the phone. You will need to append the IP address with the specific port # of 8000. (Examples <IP of Phone>:8000 or Depending on your network setup and browser you may be warned the site is not secure, advance to the page to get the login prompt 
  8. Enter Username: admin
    Enter Password: 9999  
    NOTE if you used 9999999 when accessing the phone’s menu, you may also have to use it here as the password.
  9. You should not be logged in to the phone's web interface.

Setting up the Phone via the Web Interface:

  1. Click the tab Call SetupAccount
  2. Under Account Config 1 Enter the Following information from the control panel:
    1. User ID = SIP User ID 
    2. Password = SIP Password
    3. Auth Name = SIP User ID
    4. Display Name = Extension’s Number
  3. Click Save Settings button at the bottom. The page should refresh with Success
  4. Click the tab Call SetupServer
  5. Under SIP Servers enter the following information from the control panel:
    1. Domain = SIP Host
  6. Click Save Settings button at the bottom. The page should refresh with Success 
  7. Click the tab Maintenance > Reboot
  8. Click the Reboot button. The phone should reboot. If the phone asks you to register to server just press Del/Back and wait for the phone to connect to the Wi-Fi and server. You should now be able to place calls.