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Each country has a different dialing plan, therefore, it can sometimes be cumbersome to find the right combination to dial a phone number.  NocTel has made it simple by displaying exactly how to dial a number from the NocTel Control Panel.

Step-by-step guide

To dial an international number

  1. Log into the NocTel Control Panel
  2. Ensure your account has International dialing enabled by selecting Account Preferences -> General Setup -> Phone System to see if the International Dialing feature has been enabled for your account.  If it is not enabled, please contact NocTel Technical Support for assistance.
  3. Select Reports & Billing from the navigation menu.
  4. Select Rates from the navigation menu.
  5. Select the country you would like to contact from the drop down list.
  6. The dialing prefix tells you exactly how to dial this number from your NocTel phone.  If you have an exit code specified on your account (for example, you must dial a 9 before dialing your number) this also applies prior to dialing the prefix and phone number. The total per minute rates for making that call are displayed in the right hand column.

    Dialing Format: System Exit Code + US Exit Code (011) + Country Code + Local Telephone Number
  7. If you have trouble making a call, please contact NocTel Technical Support for assistance.

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