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Transferring a phone number to a different carrier is called porting. If you need to move a telephone number away from NocTel follow the guide below:

  • Work with your new carrier to submit the port out request. 
  • The port request must come from a NocTel account administrator. You can view who is an account administrator for your account under Account Preferences > Account Users. 
  • The porting request must match the information listed in the account on the Account Owner tab. You can find the account owner information by clicking Account Preferences > General Setup > Account Owner Tab.
  • Include your port out PIN. NocTel telephone numbers are protected from unauthorized port outs by a PIN. The port out PIN is listed on the Account Owner Tab

Once a number has been ported out our team will mark the number as ported out or deleted the number from the account and inform you of the port out confirmation within 7 business days.