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Parting is such sweet sorrow! 

Are you contemplating terminating your NocTel service? If so we would love to work with you to see what can be done to help you stay. You can reach out to us at for technical support to assist in examining your account as it currently stands and identifying places where costs are being applied that may not need to, such as unused extensions that add a fixed monthly cost. If you have questions about your contract terms or want to talk to someone about establishing or renewing a contract, please reach out to for assistance.

NocTel will be sad to see you leave, but we understand that communication needs change and we might not always be the best fit. Any organization wishing to terminate service with NocTel should follow the steps listed below to ensure that the account is closed correctly.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Port out any telephone numbers you wish to move to a new service.

    Porting PIN

    NocTel telephone numbers are protected from unauthorized port outs by a PIN. Please reach out to our support team to get your account's PIN before submitting a port out request with your new provider. 

    You will need to work with your new provider to port out any numbers that you want to move to the new provider. A list of numbers can be found in the account under Numbers. Once a number has ported out our team will mark the number as ported out or deleted the number from the account and inform you of the port out within 7 business days. 

  2. Delete any number you will not be porting out.

    If you are not porting out all numbers, any numbers left in the account will need to be deleted. We have a detailed guide on deleting numbers on our knowledge base.

    Deleted numbers are placed in a review status for 48 hours, once the review period ends NocTel can not guarantee that the number can be retrieved at a later date. 

    If you do not wish to manually delete your numbers the support team can delete them for you at a rate of $185.00/hr. An account administrator will need to email a complete list of numbers they want deleted along with the account’s support password. Requests for number removal can not be made via a support phone call. 

  3. Remove Physical Extensions, Go Extensions, and SIP Trunks

    Once the numbers have ported out you will need to delete all extensions in the control panel that will no longer be connected to NocTel. Any physical extension (Polycom, Yealink, Cisco, FMAs, etc), Go Extensions, and SIP trunk left in the account will continue to be billed regardless of its availability status in the control panel. Such extensions in the account will need to be removed by the account owner or administrator. We have a detailed guide on deleting extensions on our knowledge base.

    If you do not wish to manually delete such extensions, the support team can delete them for you at a rate of $185.00/hr. An account administrator will need to email a complete list of extensions they want deleted along with the account support password. Requests for bulk extension removal can not be made via a support phone call. Deleted extensions cannot be recovered and in the event, incorrect extensions were communicated to the support team for deletion, additional labor charges to recreate and configure the affected extension(s) will be assessed.

    Virtual extensions are free of charge and do not have to be deleted from the account. Some physical extension may need to be disassociated from a virtual extension's inbound behavior before it can be removed.

  4. Send a closing notice to NocTel support.

    Once you have removed all numbers and extensions from the account, please email NocTel support at with the account name, number and support password informing us that you wish to close the account. NocTel support will review the account and note any physical extensions, SIP trunks, and/or numbers that are still billable in the account if any. A final invoice will be sent after the close of the account’s next billing cycle.

    Prepaid accounts with a negative balance will be asked to zero their balance with NocTel. Any Prepaid account with a positive balance will be issued a refund for the amount remaining.