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Connecting an Evolve 65 headset to a Poly VVX Desk Phone.

Setting the Headset type in the NocTel Portal:

  1. Click Extensions, locate or search for the extension. Click on the extension in the list to open its options page. 
  2. Click the arrow (>) to expand the Preference for Poly Phone section. (if you don't see the section click the gear icon to unhide advance options).
  3. Use the dropdown box for Headset Type and select Jabra. Click outside the expanded section to close it.

Connecting the Evolve 65 to a Poly VVX 250, 350, or 450:

  1. Connect the Evolve's included USB Dongle to the USB port on the VVX
  2. Turn on the headset by sliding the power button to the middle position.
  3. Press the headset button  on the VVX, a new call will start, end the call with the end call softkey. The headset button should now be blinking. Calls can now be answered using the Evolve headset.

Jabra Evolve 65 Buttons and Functions:

  • Center Button: Press to answer or end the call
  • Top Button (two dots): Volume Up
  • Botton Button (one dot): Volume down. Press and hold for mute/unmute
  • Busylight: Glows red when in an active call.

To start an outbound call while using the headset, you must dial the number on the phone and then press the dial softkey. Pressing the center (answer/end call) button to start the outbound call will not work.

How to charge the Evolve 65

Plug the supplied USB charging cable into a USB port on your computer, docking station, or wall charger. Note: It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the battery. You can still use the headset while the battery is charging.