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This guide cover the step for connecting a Jabra Engage 65 headset to your Poly deck phone as well as basic features and functions of the headset.

Change the Extension's Headset Setting

  • In the NocTel control panel navigate to Extensions, and then select the extension the headset will be used on. 
  • Click the arrow > for the Preference for Poly Phone to expand it. (if you don't see the section click the gear icon to unhide advance options).
  • Change the Headset Type filed to Jabra using the drop down box. Click outside the box to save the change.

Connecting the Engage 65 to the Poly Phone via USB.

NOTE: Extension's Headset Setting

Before connecting the Engage to a Poly extension, the extension's headset type must be changed in the control panel. See the above steps to complete this. 

  • Connect the Jabra headset to the base and connect the base to power.
  • Connect the included USB cable from the Jabra base to the USB on the VVX (250, 350, or 450).
  • Press the headset button on the VVX and then use the softkey to end the active call. The headset button should now be flashing green. You can now answer calls via the headset.

Additional Information:

 Jabra Engage 65 Basic Call Functions

Power on: Press the call button on the headset or undock the headset from the base

Power off: Hold the calls button for 4 seconds

Answer Call: Press the call button, undock the headset, or tap on the green call button on the base

End Call: Press the call button on the headset, dock the headset, or tap the read headset button on the base.

Reject call: double press the call button or tap the red headset button on the base

Adjust Volume: Press the volume headset buttons up or down

Mute/Un-mute: Press the mute button on the end of the mic boom.

 Other Connection Options for the Jabra Engage 65

Connecting Poly VVX to Jabra Engage with a Jabra EHS link cable:

  • Log into the Noctel control panel.
  • Click Extensions, and locate the extension you are connecting the headset to in the list, and click on it to bring up the extension’s options page.
  • Click Preferences for Polycom Phone to expand the section.
  • Locate the Headset Type dropdown box and select Jabra.
  • Press the headset button on the Poly phone and press end call. The headset light should be flashing green.

Note on enabling link on first call: From another extension place a call to the extension with the newly attached headset. Wait at least 10 seconds before answering the phone to enable the Jabra Link Adapter. The headset should now be connected and ready for use. 

To use the headset to answer incoming calls the headset button on the Polycom phone needs to be flashing green. 

Connecting a Jabra Engage 65 to a Computer for use with NocTel Go

  1. Plug the supplied micro-USB cable into the micro USB port on the base and into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Plug the base into a power supply.
  3. Open your NocTel Go desktop app. 
  4. Click the headset or speakerphone button to the left of the audio level bar. 
  5. Click Device Settings. On the Devices tab > Headset Mode, use the dropdown boxes for Microphone and Speaker and select Jabra Engage 65. Once set, close the preference window.
  6. On the Go dial pad, ensure that Headset mode is your selected audio mode.

 Pairing a New Primary Headset to the Jabra Engage 65 Base

A. If the current headset is not within range of the base or is turned off, dock the new headset in the base. It will become the primary headset. The conference and headset status LED on the base will flash to indicate that the new headset is now the primary headset

B. If the current primary headset is within range of the base and is turned on, and the base is not on a call: dock the new headset in the base. Hold the call button (1 sec) on the headset until the conference and headset status LED on the base flashes, indicating that it is now the primary headset.

 Charging the Engage 65

  • Plug the base into a power supply using the supplied power cable. (It is recommended to connect the telephone or computer cables before connecting the base to a power supply.)
  • To charge, dock the headset in a base connected to power. The Status LED on the headset and the battery icon on the base will pulse to indicate charging.
  • The stereo/mono headset has up to 13 hours of battery.
  • All headset takes approximately 1.5 hours to fast charge to full. 40% of the battery will charge in 30 minutes
 Engage 65 Power Nap Feature
  • The headset will automatically power off when it has not been docked for 30 minutes, has not been moved, and is not in use to conserve battery.
  • End Power Nap by moving the headset, pressing any button on the headset, or doc the headset in the base
 How to Reset a Jabra Engage 65

Note that the following will reset all the headset and the base settings. 

  1. Dock the headset in the base
  2. Press and hold the Answer Call and the End Call button on the base for 3 seconds. The headset and the base will reboot. All settings will return to their default values.
 Care Instructions
  • It is recommended to keep the headset between -5°C and 45°C (23°F and 113°F).
  • Do not store the headset for extended periods of time without recharging the battery (max. three months).
  • If the headset or base becomes dirty, it is recommended to clean them with a soft, lint-free cloth that has been dampened with clean water.

Jabra Engage 65 Documents

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