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An Algo 8128 Visual Alerter Strobe Light can be added into the NocTel account to be used in conjunction with another SIP device such as a Poly phone. It is an ideal option in areas such as a band room, machine shop, or gym, where loud ambient noises can drown out the sound of a ringing phone.

Adding the Algo 8128

  • From the Control Panel, add the device as a Generic SIP Extension making note of the SIP Host, SIP User ID, and SIP Password located bellow the Connectivity Statistics Graph at the bottom of the extension's page.

Provisioning the Algo 8128

  1. Log into your Algo device's web interface (default password is algo).
  2. Navigate to Basic Settings → SIP page
  3. Using the information from the Generic SIP Extensions, fill in the following:
    1. SIP Domain : SIP Host
    2. Ring/Alert Extension : SIP User ID
    3. Authentication ID : SIP User ID
    4. Authentication Password : SIP Password 

Pairing the Algo 8128 with a Phone

This will allow the Algo 8128 to alert when the desired extension rings.

  1. Create a new Hunt Group adding the Algo 8128 and desired extension to be paired
  2. Navigate to the extension and edit the Inbound Behavior
  3. Change Step #1 to Ring a Hunt Group and select the newly created hunt group
  4. Click Submit