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Step-by-step guide

To add a new extension

  1. From the control panel, click on Extensions.

  2. Then click on the Add a New Extension link.

  3. The following screen will present a selection of extension types.
    1. Virtual extensions are used for extensions that are not connected to a device.  For example Call logging, Automated menu item, etc.
    2. Polycom IP Phone extensions are meant to be assigned to a supported Polycom device
    3. Cisco ATA/SPA extensions are meant to be assigned to a supported Cisco device
    4. Generic SIP Device extensions are for Softphones or not fully supported devices
    5. SIP Trunk extensions are for connection to an existing PBX or SIP Gateway.

  4. Select the desired extension type by clicking on the Add Device button below the extension description. 
  5. Add the device by entering the required information on the new page, this can include the devices MAC address, An extension number, and name.



If you do not have an extension numbering plan already in place, it is recommended that you create one before adding extensions to the NocTel interface. All extensions linked to a physical device MUST HAVE an assigned extension number.

It is highly recommended that you have a standard basic model that you will use throughout an account.


*Note:  To delete an extension, click on the extension from the extensions list and then click on Permissions next to the 'key' icon.  "Remove this extension" will be available at the bottom of the screen.