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 How do I answer a call? How do I place a call? How do I put a call on hold? How do I transfer a call using a Polycom VVX phone?

Check out our quick reference guides! We have one for all Polycom models we support that details essential functions and info.

 How do I set a new password for my user account?

If you know your current password, you can change it in the user settings section. Check out our changing your account password guide for in-depth instructions.

 I forgot my user password for the NocTel portal, can you give me a new one?

Our support team can not reset or give out a new user password. To reset your password use the Forgot Password link located under the user login. 

 How do I dial an international number?

International dialing must be enabled in the account and for the extension, you are using before an international call can be made. 

Use the following format for international dialing: Account Exit Code + US Exit Code (011) + Country Code + Local Telephone Number

If you do not know the country's code you can look this up in the NocTel portal under Reports & Billing > Rates

 What is my extension's caller ID? How do I change my extension's caller ID?

Caller ID names are linked to phone numbers in your account and extensions can use any phone number in the account for its outbound caller ID. Changes to an extensions caller ID number can be made on the extensions options page using the caller ID widget by system admins. 

 How do I change the caller ID name?

Caller ID names (also called CNAM) are connected to phone numbers in your account. Each phone number can have a 15 character name (including spaces). The name and numbers are displayed when you make an outbound call to a user that has caller ID. You can view the current caller ID name and request a change in the Number tab on a number's option page. Check out our caller ID guide for more information. 

 How do I contact NocTel's support?

The best way to reach our support team is to email us at Our non-emergency support hours are Monday - Friday, 6 am to 6 pm Pacific time. You can also call us at 503.764.4300 or 888.400.4521. When contacting our support team you will be asked to provide your account's support password for security. Your account's support password can be found at the top right corner of the NocTel Portal (under your account's name and username). If you do not see a password you will need to reach out to your account administrator for assistance.  Here are some other useful support contacts:

  • - Any bill or invoice-related questions can be sent here.
  • - Great for new users that may have questions about our service, or existing user that may need new hardware. 
 Our business moved. We added a new location to our business. Do I need to do anything or let NocTel know?

Yes! while you don't need to let us know as your service will move anywhere you have a high-speed internet connection, you do need to update your 911 address. NocTel has no way of knowing your new address so you need to either update the address in the NocTel portal or reach out to support. Check out our emergency addresses article to learn more about setting/updating your 911 address. 

 How do I factory reset a Polycom phone?
  1. Press and hold 1, 3, and 5.
  2. When prompted for a password enter 8675309 (If that doesn't work try the default 456) and press enter.
  3. Let the reset run until complete. The device will come to the home/idle screen when finished. 
 How do I provision a Polycom phone to work with NocTel?

Make sure you have added the phone to your account as a new extension, linking its MAC address, then follow the instruction below:

  1. On boot up the phone will display a “loading application” screen. Press Cancel.
  2. On the phone, press Setup > enter the phone’s password. The default is 456.
  3. Choose Provisioning Server, and press the Select soft key.
  4. Scroll down to Server Type, press the Edit soft key, and arrow right until HTTPS is displayed and press Ok.
  5. Below HTTPS enter for the Server Address using the alphanumeric keys. To enter periods press the star key (*) on your phone’s keypad.
  6. When finished, press the OK soft key, and then press Exit twice.
  7. Choose the Save & Reboot option and press the Select soft key to reboot the phone and save the new configuration. *Please note that the phone may reboot multiple times.


 How do I set up voicemail on my extension?

Check out or voicemail guide for enabling voicemail and in-depth details. To set up a greeting and PIN for an extension with voicemail already enabled, press the voicemail key or dial *38, and the system will guide you through the setup.

 How do I get a new voicemail PIN if I forgot mine? My phone belonged to a different person before me, and I don't know the voicemail PIN; how do I change it?

You will need to reach out to your account admin to have them change this. Admins can change the PIN using the voicemail widget located on the extension's options page.

  When listening to a voicemail it doesn't give the time and date of the caller.

You can listen to the message envelope, which includes the time and date of the call, by pressing 5 during the message playback. Once the envelope is played the message will restart. Check out the voicemail chart for a list of all menu options.

 Can a deleted voicemail be recovered?

No. Once a voicemail has been deleted from the account either via the web portal, a phone's voicemail menu, or the auto-delete feature, it can not be recovered. 

 How long is a voicemail retained in an inbox?

Voicemails have a 90-day retention period. If you need to keep a voicemail longer than 90 days, it is recommended that you download and save via a local storage method.


 Can I fax to an international number?

Yes, to certain countries. Check out our international faxing guide for the complete country list and guide. 

 I need to send a fax but don't have a fax machine?

No need to worry, you can use the NocTel portal to send a fax from any extensions (physical or virtual). Simple go to any extension's options page and click the "Send a Fax" link and follow the interface prompts. View our sending a fax article for step-by-step instructions. 


 Setting up ACH Debit Autopay
  1. Click the Pay Now button on your invoice.
  2. Click ACH Debit.  
  3. Chose the Set up Direct Debit option.
  4. Complete the details on the direct debit form to authorize the direct debit.
  5. Click Set up Debit Order Authorization to confirm. 
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