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What is a PoE Injector?

Most devices used with NocTel use Power of Ethernet or PoE for power. This allows for a PoE switch to power desk phones without the need of an AC/DC outlet adapter and additional power cabling. Often times when a user needs to take a phone to a home office, the network does not support PoE. In these cases, a PoE injector can be used to provide power to the phone.


Please note that the voltage provided by the PoE injector must match that used by the phone. Most Polycom phones use 48V. Check the PoE injector and the phone before connecting them.

How to Connect a Phone to a PoE Injector.

A PoE injector has both a Data In and a Data & Power Out port. Using a standard Ethernet cable connect from an active network to the Data In port of the Injector. Using another standard Ethernet cable connect from the Data & Power Out to the port on the Polycom phone. Connect the injector to a standard power outlet. If connected correctly the phone will now power up.  The connected sequence should be as follows: Modem -> Firewall -> Injector Data in Port -> Data & Power Out Port -> Network Port on Phone. 

Connecting to the Correct Port:

The connection from the Data & Power Out port on the injector should be connected to the Ethernet/Network port on the back of the phone.

Poly VVX Models 400,401,410,411,300,301,310,311,201Poly VVX Models: 450,350,250