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For the best results with Flow, please follow these suggested guidelines.

You Should:

  • Assign only the minimum permissions necessary for individuals to fulfill their role duties

  • Plan Queues and Queue overflow before creating them in Flow.

  • Test your Queues before putting them fully into production use - a Queue that is not configured properly can likely lead to a bad customer experience trying to contact the organization frustrating callers before they can reach you.

  • Educate Supervisors to not directly modify Agent status unless necessary - status changes are tracked internally so skewing in favor of or against Agents can be detected.

  • Clone existing Application reports and dashboards when making custom Applications or modifying existing ones.

  • If Application reports are being sent to multiple individuals, request your IT department to create a mailing group including the relevant individuals so reports can be sent to a single “address”.

  • Encourage agents to transfer calls using Click-to-Transfer instead of through a headset or from the handset directly.

You Should Avoid:

  • Re-using Agent ID numbers.
  • Deleting Agents, Queues, etc. - set them to inactive or disabled to retain historical data that may be used later in reporting.
  • Recycling existing queues by renaming them or repurposing a disabled queue. If a new queue is needed it should be created.  
  • Setting Queues that overflow to do so into Queues that also overflow.
  • Creating skills that are named or implicitly suggest proficiency such as “help desk trainee”. The proficiency associated with each skill accounts for this.
  • Deleting Reporting Parameters starting with “nt-”.
  • Transferring calls through a headset or from the handset directly.
  • Manually managing Agent Current Status - let Post-Call Status do the work.