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If you already have a NocTel Talk business account with physical devices then getting started with NocTel Go is as easy as adding a Go extension to your account.

If you are new to NocTel, NocTel Go is an alternative to using a physical handset, such as a Polycom VVX series VoIP compatible handset. In the same way, you can buy a smartphone, but cannot place calls without a carrier's SIM card installed; you cannot place or receive calls through NocTel Go without a NocTel Talk account. If you are completely new to NocTel and its services, you will need to complete the following short list of steps:

  1. Create an initial user for your NocTel Talk account
  2. Create a NocTel Talk business account for your organization
  3. Log in to the NocTel control panel online
  4. Purchase a phone number (if you intend to place outbound calls or receive inbound calls from outside the account)
  5. Create at least one Extension - this should be a NocTel Go extension
  6. Select Numbers from the NocTel control panel navigation, select the number you purchased and associate it to the NocTel Go extension you created. Save the changes.
  7. Download and install NocTel Go from the appropriate app store
  8. Expand the Go app credentials section in the NocTel Go extension you created
  9. Open the NocTel Go app and tap the QR code icon
  10. Scan the QR code with your mobile device

Additional configurations for routing behavior, call forwarding, etc. are all performed in the NocTel control panel; though there are many local app settings for Go as well.