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Voicemail can be accessed from an account phone by dialing *38 for that extension's voicemail or by dialing *98 for the general voicemail system, where other account extension voicemails can be accessed with the extension number and voicemail PIN. Voicemails can also be accessed and listen to in the NocTel Control Panel.

  1. In the NocTel control panel click on Extensions.

  2. In the list of extensions you will see extension with a mailbox icon. These are extensions with voicemail enabled.

  3. Click on the mailbox for which extension you want to check voicemail.
  4. In the lower part of the extension's options screen, it will display your current voicemails.

  5. Click the voicemail you would like to listen to. The message will load and play automatically.


Deleting a Voicemail

Voicemails can also be deleted from the control panel. Click the trash can icon next to any voicemail to remove it. Once deleted the voicemail cannot be retrieved. 

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